Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eagles and Ice bergs

Tonight we are in Grafton, IL reporting tomorrow to the church here that has supported us since our early years of ministry. The children love to come here since we are only a few yards away from the mighy Mississippi. We have always been here in the summer but this year we are privileged to see the river in the winter. Since this winter has been so cold the river is just about all frozen in jagged, mean looking ice. One huge, cool thing is seeing lots and lots of bald eagles today, flying over us and sitting on the ice. Pastor told us that they were here but I never guessed it would be so many. It is totally awesome. I doubt we will get any pictures since they are so far away from us but they are beautiful birds. We have seen many barges just sitting in the middle of the frozen river, some tug boats trying to push their way through.

Rebekah is doing well. She sits with her arm propped up most of the time. She does request an occassional pain pill but overall is doing well. No swelling in her fingers at all.

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Familia Stilwell said...

Glad to hear R is doing so well. We have been praying for you guys. I'm so thankful that all of you are together for this part!

Lili was a bit bummed going to camp without Abi today, but she was still excited to be going. She decided to go to niƱos camp again this year and wait for Abi next year to go to intermedios. :) Miss you!