Thursday, January 15, 2009

Surgery Update

Rebekah's surgery went well today. She is now in quite a bit of pain since the nerve block has worn off. The incision is quite large but follows the scar line for the lower part of the graft donor site on her forearm. It was fantastic having daddy with us this time. We will see the surgeon again in 10 days when he will inflate the balloon with 30 ml of saline. From that time I, at home, will insert 15-20 ml more depending on her tolerance until about 150 ml has been added (should take about 6 weeks). Her arm will really look large by then, like a balloon is hanging off of it! We praise God for many things: clear roads, our wonderful surgeon, the great staff at St. Vincents, our pastoral staff (2 of them called to pray with Rebekah), the Knolhoffs and Boyers who took care of our children after school, having David with me in surgery waiting this time around, etc. We are back on the hunt for warm shirts that she can get a large dressing through.

Surgery #4 since the accident last February

Daddy takes care of his girl. It was so wonderful having him with us this time.

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