Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Wiggles and Jiggles - Pictures are grafic!!

Today Rebekah got her bandage off her arm and got a look at the balloon inserted under the skin on the underneath side of her forearm. She was appalled at how it looked :) It looks nothing like the last time we took the big bandages off, but she can't remember all that. I am glad God allows her to forget those rough moments in life. Anyway, the dressing is off and the stitches are out. The only stitch left is the one that shows us where to insert more water solution into the balloon. The purpose...stretch her skin so that he can cut out the big scar and close it over with her nice skin. When she touches the inflated area it send a ripple affect through the forearm. Kind of cool! There are pictures but warning...they aren't really pretty. We are thankful that it was not painful having the balloon inflated more today. It has a total of 50 ml (cc) of fluid it in now and will hold 155 ml. Over the next 6 weeks we hope to add 15-20 cc per week to reach the full point. Her arm should be pretty odd looking by then.


Sharon B. said...

What a wonderfully courageous girl, who has been a solid testimony to God's goodness and faithfulness!

debbiedee said...

Hope you are able to keep your feet on the ground as they continue to inflate your balloon! I'm praying this will do what it needs to do and you will have complete healing and no infections!
God bless you and your family,
Mrs Debbie Haywood

Familia Stilwell said...

Hey, we sure do miss you guys. Camp just wasn't the same without you! Glad R is doing well with inflating the it still going ok? We are praying for you and can't for these next few months to go by quickly so you'll be back down here! :)