Sunday, April 1, 2007

Abigail Nicole Stilwell

Abigail is my "baby girl." She is currently 10 years old. Her birthday is June 19, 1996. She is quite pleased to share a birthday month with her mom. Abi was supposed to be our peruvian baby but she decided she just didn't want that. She prompted us to travel home to the USA for her birth. Here in Peru they told us she was a he! Surprise, mom, I'm a girl. She came back to Peru when she was 3 weeks old. Abigail is our girl on the go. She loves to play outside and to climb trees. Her favorite subject in school (5th grade) is reading. She also enjoys drawing pictures and designing clothes. Abigail is my right hand gal in the kitchen. She loves to bake, especially cornbread. She is full of laughs and has beautiful blue eyes. Abigail is also taking piano lessons and shows some real talent in this area.

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