Monday, April 9, 2007

Welcome to the Family

We had a great Easter evangelistic campaign. We had visitors each night. Decisions were for growth and change each night. On Saturday night the girls and I prayed for just one person to get saved. Sunday night after the evening message one man asked Jesus to be his Saviour! Better yet it is the father of one of the young ladies in our church. She was recently saved and baptized. There was a lot of rejoicing going on at our church last night! Now we pray for the mom and brother of Gisella. We are also thankful for Tirzah Brown being able to step in a play the piano for our choir and congregational numbers. She did a great job. David took over as choir director. God blessed and each special number turned out great!


Blake Family - Julie's Adoption said...

Kandie, Great family blog. Thanks for sharing it with us. We may take you up on the offer to visit Peru. I want our kids to consider God's call to missions work. God bless you and the family. Joe

goye1615 said...

Wow, i didn't know Tirzah plays the piano- she always surprises me! I am excited to keep tabs on your family and follow the work in Peru throguh your blog. Praising the Lord as well for the salvation of Gissella's dad.