Sunday, April 1, 2007

Jacob Matthew Stilwell

What can I say about Jacob? He is our goof ball. He keeps us in stitches. He has wonderfully kissable cheeks although he only lets his mom kiss them. Jacob is very active. He enjoys softball and soccer as well as his bike and scooter. In the second grade he enjoys history and science. This semester his Aunt Martha is his teacher. He really likes that! Jacob will always be my baby boy. His grandpa calls him Cowboy Jake. He has a sweet spirit and is always ready to lend a hand. His birthday is September 1, 1998. He is also taking piano lessons.

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EnjoyingLife said...


This is Jessica Cheke (Templeton). I just found your blog from Jon's. I hope you guys are doing well. Keep up the posting. Do you have a prayer letter that goes out via e-mail? Love, Jess