Friday, October 10, 2008


The Stilwell bowling league

What an arm!
Great form
Oops, that ball threw Jacob too far down the lane and he went splat!
Abi threw her whole body into it.

Thursday and Friday are fall break days at school here at Faith. We have done many things together as a family such as the dairy farm yesterday, in the previous post. Today we went bowling in the morning, fishing this afternoon and played a new table game this evening. We are loving being able to do things without a time table and without being rushed. The first bowling game wasn't too great for Jacob and Abigail so we had them put the gutter bumpers on so that there were no more gutter balls. It was a lot of fun. Fishing was VERY bad this afternoon. I was surprised to see my brother Chris at home when we arrived. He was helping my dad change his brakes.


Familia Stilwell said...

Cute shoes! :)

The Stein Family said...

I smell a family challenge. Give us a few years, and we'll take you on any time. Or, we can do it now, just the adults. : )