Thursday, October 23, 2008

Most Improved

The team around the fire. They were crazy and wild tonight! :)

Abigail and Mrs. Heusigner (the coach) when she received her award.

Abi shows off her plaque. Way to go girl!!

Surprises of surprises. This afternoon and evening the jr. high volleyball team had their party. They played games, had pizza, smores and awards. Each girl got a certificate and heard comments that their team mates wrote about them. That was fun. Then during the awards ceremony Abigail was given the plaque for most improved player. She was so surprised! The girls had voted for who they thought should have the award and they all chose Abi. We are very proud of her. We did she great improvement in her volleyball skills over the course of the season. She is disappointed she won't be able to continue playing next year. The team finished the year 12-2. Not bad!!

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