Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall leaves

Wow, the changing of the seasons is just awesome. God's color scheme is incredible. We are truly enjoying each day. Jacob, since he is experiencing the first fall he really remembers wanted to rake the leaves in his grandparents yard. Now my parents purposefully don't have leafy trees so that they don't have to rake. Jacob raked up the leaves that blew into the yard. It was something he had never done. He was SO excited, he got one grocery bag of leaves.


Jamie Hornbrook said...

Ah,my kids have had similar experiences. Except, my parents have very mature trees and they drop a ton of leaves. Maybe he can go there and really experience leaf raking!!! My dad has a blower as well but it is pretty powwerful. Hey, did the boys win State in soccer? Just curious.

Familia Stilwell said...

Cute! Hey, tell him Uncle Steve would be more than happy to let him come here and rake leaves. We have plenty to share and all the trees haven't even lost their leaves yet!