Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missions Conference

The kids try to spin the top, they don't know you need a string...yet

David is so great with the children

Wow, Mr. Stilwell is spinning the top in his hand!

We are enjoying the missions conference here at Martinsville Baptist Tabernacle in Martinsville, IN. It began on Saturday and will end tomorrow (Wednesday). We have been in many different classrooms at the school and Sunday school classes. I attended a ladies missionary tea with an oriental theme. Tomorrow I speak at their ladies Bible study. David will preach tomorrow night. They are a VERY generous church to their missionaries. Since I am on the old laptop I can't upload the pictures so I will do that later. You will enjoy them. David uses a top from Peru to do an object lesson. The children (and adults) LOVE to watch him spin his top. I never tire of it after all these years.


debbiedee said...

Dear Stilwells, We loved seeing you again at the conference. I know we probably worked you too hard but really appreciated all you did! Your children are wonderful!! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!!! Thank you for your prayer letters.
Love in Christ
Debbie Haywood

Joyce said...

David is great with kids, since he is still one himself.