Monday, December 15, 2008

Household of sickies we go. Jacob has his croup variant asthma and is on inhalers and steroids. He should go back to school tomorrow. Abigail has a fever between 101-102, I am having trouble getting it and keeping it down. Ibuprofen isn't working, we'll see what Tylenol does. She is droopy and has an itchy/coughy throat. Her lungs are clear and so are her ears. It is a wait and see if anything else develops game. She and Jacob did see the pediatrician today. She is concerned about her finals, but she isn't well enough to study or take them at this point. We'll work out all those details later. My dad is still having headaches but each day he seems a little better. My foot is still aching me, it is a long process getting this tendon healed. I see the doctor tomorrow but I don't feel ready to get rid of this big boot I am wearing. Oh brother. Our bathroom looks like a pharmacy! Unfortunately we didn't get to celebrate my nephews 1st birthday today because of the sickies at our house and theirs. Thankfully we aren't traveling these days!!

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Kristi said...

bummer! sounds like the weather is making it easier to just stay in, too :o( sorry, you guys are under the weather.