Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pray for my dad

That is my dad, Kenny, in the red shirt

This morning Dad and David put up the big Christmas tree and the lights and got various boxes out of the attic of the garage. Mom wanted one more box brought down, a light box filled with bows for wrapping gifts. Dad, not thinking mom could reach the box, stretched down to give it to her and slipped right out of the attic and hit the cement floor in the garage. Mom ran in to call me out to help. Dad was unconscious for about 30 seconds, when he came to he was groggy but was eventually able to answer my questions and grip my fingers. He could also move his legs without difficulty. In the meantime I had mom call 911 and within 5 minutes the volunteer team from the Battle Ground area was here evaluating dad. Dad insisted on sitting up and then insisted on walking to the living room before the medics arrived. His walk was very unsteady therefore David aided him to a seat. He complained of his shoulder hurting. When the medics arrived Dad began trying to vomit. They checked his blood pressure and checked him over. The put a cervical collar on him and strapped him to the back board and off he went in the ambulance to the emergency room. Mom rode with him and I followed in mom's car. David stayed home to take care of things left there. At the emergency room he had an IV put in and had a cat scan. The cat scan showed a broken scapula (shoulder blade), a skull fracture and damage to the shoulder. At first we were told broken collar bone but that isn't correct. His jaw is also very sore so they are keeping an eye on that. They didn't want to do any more xrays since he had already received enough radiation for one day. He is still having trouble keeping anything down and they may start an IV if he isn't able to keep liquids down. They said the nausea could be related to the pain medication he was receiving or the head injury or both. We called at 9:30 PM and he was sleeping. Mom is home but plans to be back at the hospital by 6:30 to talk to the doctor (who is a great friend of ours from church). The orthopedic doc should also see him tomorrow to talk about his shoulder injury. Dad is bummed that he won't be able to shoot his bows for quite a while (he is an archer on the professional level and does some coaching as well). We would appreciate your prayers over the next days and weeks. One for dad's healing and also for his patience in this lengthy healing process. He has never been down for a long time so he will get restless. For those of you who know him you know he likes to stay busy, he won't want to be sitting around letting others do things for him.

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