Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just keep walking...

Decorating the tree!

Our pediatrician things that Abigail and Jacob may have walking pneumonia. Yuk! They will start their antibiotics soon. I can't get Abigail fever free. It hovers between 101-102. Neither child will get to go to school this week. Abigail will miss taking all her finals at school. It seems that her teachers will let her take them at home, what a blessing! There are times when she feels up to studying and testing. Jacob is bummed he will miss his Prairie Christmas party tomorrow. They have been studying Indiana history this semester and that is how they will wrap it all up. I was supposed to go help but that won't happen either.
We have enjoyed playing some games together and just snuggling (we have done a lot of that).
They (and me) aren't getting a lot of sleep with all the coughing.
We should be on the road to recovery soon! We would like to be "Stilwell" before Christmas. :) We would like for the walking pneumonia to just walk right on out of here!

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Kristi said...

haha - i get it - at least you can have a sense of humor through the sickness -- :o(