Friday, March 7, 2008

A Good Night's Sleep

We both slept well last night, a huge praise!

The doctor was in this morning and told us that everything will move very slowly now. The healing process will take a while and then therapy. She isn't to use her fingers much so that the new tissue transplant doesn't slip or move. She is okay with that since it hurts to move them. Her leg is very sore today where they harvested the skin. We are going to wean her off the morphine while increasing her oral pain medicatioin intake. She will be glad to get rid of the IV's. Pastor Graham was just here to visit us which was nice. It was the first we had met him. The snow has been falling but it is getting heavier now.

They have allowed me to use the computer in her room so that I can keep you informed and not have to leave her for long periods of time. Another blessing!

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