Friday, March 14, 2008

Rebekah and Tirzah

Today Tirzah came to spend the day with Rebekah. They played games and did art stuff together. They also skyped with Abigail for over an hour. That made Rebekah and Abigail feel much better about being apart. Thanks, Tirzah!


Steve & Molly said...

Aaaw, that sounds like fun! Praying for you guys. Love ya!

Jamie Hornbrook said...

Thanks for reading my blog!!! I read yours regularly also!! So glad that you got to enjoy Faith yesterday!!! We have been praying for you daily. We will pray for this doctor's visit as well. Trust everything is healing according to plan. My parents need to see your parent's web cam and see it work. We tried one in the States and the reception was horrible. You guys are experts! We could use some advice! Have a great day!