Friday, March 7, 2008

A Walk in the Halls and Old Friends

Rebekah just returned from taking her first walk around the 4th floor of the pediatric hospital. She did okay but had some pain in her left knee that caused her to feel like it was going to give out. She wonders if it is because she is walking strange on it due to the pain in her thigh. She hasn't had any morphine for over 6 hours now since she is taking her oral pain medications. She is also more alert without it. She is trying to stay awake a little later tonight so the night doesn't seem so long.

An old and good friend of mine is here with his son. I have enjoyed the re-encounter with Scott Worrell. We grew up together at Faith in Lafayette. Please pray for his son David.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kandie and Rebekah!
We love you and are praying for you as many times as the Lord brings you to mind. I got to share our time in Peru w/my AWANA girls, the Chums--3rd-4th grade girls, this past Wednesday night, and I told them about you Rebekah and how you and the other ladies had the bus accident. I told them about your poor hand, and I asked them to pray for you. I had a picture of you and your family, so the girls could see what you look like. I also had the picture of you, w/Abby in the background, holding the dead sheep's head, so that was great too! :) The girls all listened so intently, so know girls you don't even know, who are a little younger, are praying for you.
We just got back from BMM, and we are now officially candidates to Peru (or whatever we are called)! Yae! We drove back in lots of snow, then lots of rain, the whole 8 or so hours back from Cleveland. God kept us safe and awake.
Take care, ladies!
Ecko for the PA Steins