Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We finally made it to church

It has been a long time since we have been in church. I enjoyed going to Pastor Aucoin's class and Rebekah went to the Jr. High Girl's class. She enjoyed being with her friends. Yesterday 2 former classmates came over to visit, that was a treat.

She is taking very little pain medicine. She has had only 3 pills today instead of 10! She has more energy too since she isn't taking them.

We have enjoyed visiting with the family in Peru via skype and the webcams. That really brightens our day!


Jamie Hornbrook said...

Yippee!!! Sounds like Rebekah is doing so well with tolerating the pain. We continue to pray for her and Abigail. How is Abigail? Wish we could see ya!!

Kristi said...

Wow - Rebekah is doing great!!!

Anonymous said...

Kandie, I am Caleb Stein's MOM. Our other son Joshua is coming through Lafayette on Sunday on his way to school. He is bringing the suitcase from Ecko. He would like to drop it off. Josh is our youngest and has had a similar experience as Rebekah. He was burned when he was young and had skin grafting to repair his arm. His grafts healed beautifully and he would be a great encouragement to Rebekah if they could meet. My e-mail is "" and my phone is 920-248-1306. I saw your phone number on the blog. I will try the number on Saturday to make connections with you. If a rendezvous is not feasible, Josh could just leave the package at the church on his way through. Our love and prayers to you all at this time. It was through this experience that I really learned the meaning of "Trust in the Lord", which we all say so easily but rarely practice. I am also a nurse--I think that nurse's children have weird things because the Lord knows that we will be a good testimony through it. But, I think that knowing too much makes it harder.:)
Our love and prayer have been with you during this time. Talk to you soon. Karen Stein