Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Been Four Weeks!

Can you believe it, it has been 4 weeks today since the accident. Abigail is doing great. She still has her cast but the collarbone is healed. Rebekah has also made great strides in her recovery. Her finger and wrist flexibility has greatly improved since last week! We are very pleased. We are really missing daddy and siblings still in Peru. Grandpa and Grandma Stilwell are now back in Peru also. Rebekah has no pain (except when exercising those fingers and wrist) and still has a great attitude. She is doing schoolwork each morning trying to keep up with her studies. The other ladies involved in the accident continue to recover as well.

The skin and underlying tissues were taken from here and placed on the back of her hand. The skin from her thigh was used to cover this site. See the line going down the middle of the round area? That is a tendon. We watch it stretch and relax with exercises!

Most of the stitches are out. She doesn't always enjoy the therapy sessions but remains joyful. The pins in the index finger will be there until our next visit to the surgeon on April 14. He will then let us know when we can head back to Peru.

The palm side of her hand is healing well also. The middle finger is the one that is least flexible because of the tendon damage but it is so much better! Of course the index finger doesn't bend except at the first big joint.

This is Ann our certified hand therapist. She is fantastic. Tender but forceful at the same time. She is also a lot of fun. Today she worked on Rebekah for 2 hours, exercises, measuring swelling and how well the joints bend, removing some stitches and putting on new dressings.


laurie d said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer! 'Way to go Abigail and Rebekah! We continue to pray your family can be reunited SOON! Love you!

Jamie Hornbrook said...

So glad to hear that Abigail is doing so much better. I still can't believe that Rebekah doesn't need pain meds. I hurt just looking at the pictures. God's grace is so wonderful! She has been a great testimony to my girls!! Way to go Rebekah!!

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