Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Again

What a relief to be home again. Rebekah was thrilled to take a nap this afternoon with no machines beeping and where she could finally sleep on her tummy.
Dr. Walker saw her this morning and took the dressing off her skin graft removal site. It is a very tender area today. I expected it to be much bigger considering the size of her dressing :) He told her to go ahead and shower and that it could get wet. We are to dry it with a hair dryer! He is super pleased with her progress and says she has done better than most 20 year old men as far as her tolerance of the procedures. She is a blessing to be around.

I was able to go out and purchase us some church clothes this afternoon, I admit I enjoyed my time out alone. Rebekah enjoyed snuggle time with grandpa.

We had fun chatting with our family in Peru. David reports that many campers were saved this week at camp, Amen!

We plan to go only to the 8 AM service tomorrow as to not rush Rebekah. She is anxious to see her friends.

We will return to the Hand Clinic in Indy later in the week for the dressing removal and maybe some of those 100 stitches too!
For those of you in Peru, tonight we change our clocks so it will be one hour later than you all.

Lindsey the Child Life Specialist who kept Rebekah occupied with crafts.

Mommy and Rebekah snuggle in the hospital bed.


Grammy said...

Praise the Lord we have been praying for you. we are at mission training instute in Colorado getting ready to go to Ecuador with HCJB. You have been made known to us via the Robertsons in Hong Kong.

Steve & Molly said...

Woo-hoo! Glad you are home, Rebekah! Enjoy that snow for your cousins! Lotsa hugs and kisses!