Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hard Work

Did you know that bending each finger joint (except the index finger) could wear you out? It sure does Rebekah. She has to bend each joint 10 times, 6 times a day. She does require some ibuprofen in order to do all that. We are thankful for the smaller splint, no more cutting her sleeves to get shirts on. She can even wear sweaters now. Tomorrow we make our first visit to the physical therapist. We are thankful that there is a therapist here in Lafayette that used to work at the hand center in Indy. Another blessing. God is so faithful.

Things at home are going well also. I am so thankful for my faithful husband who is keeping things going, please pray for him.

We are thankful for each one of you who is praying for us. We know that is the reason she is doing so well. She is discouraged by how ugly her hand and forearm look, it is still very swollen and much healing of the incisions has yet to take place. Her first 2 fingers are also quite crooked, we'll see what happens once the swelling goes down. They told us that the swelling will be here for a few more weeks from all the trauma of the accident and surgeries. Also those 6 pins are still in her index finger and will be until April 14.

It looks like we won't be returning to Peru until at least the 29th of April. That is when our return tickets are for. We are willing to take whatever time necessary for her hand.

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