Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Trip to Indy

Last Thursday Rebekah had pain and swelling in the index finger which required a trip to Indy to remove one pin. This Thursday she again had significant swelling in that index finger but no pain. Our occupational therpist talked to our hand surgeon's nurse who told us to go on in to Indianapolis. You can imagine that Rebekah was quite bummed to make another hour drive to get it checked out. They took another xray which showed even more healing together of the bones in her finger but no other problems. The pins are all still tight so there was nothing to do. We will watch for reddness, etc. over the weekend. We are due to go back on Monday for our regular appointment during which time the pins should come out. It will be 6 weeks since surgery. Today is 6 weeks since the accident! Can you believe it?

Since it is Thursday (anniversary day) I am posting new pictures of her hand along with an xray so you can see where those pins are in her finger and the internal staples in the graft site on her hand.

She is improving by leaps and bounds. The flexibility in her fingers has greatly improved since our first therapy visit but during the last 2 weeks that has kind of plateaued.

Prayer requests:
1. Improved flexibility in the fingers and wrist
2. The scar tissue has adhered to the forearm donor site, we are working on getting it to break loose, a painful process.
3. Abigail should get her wrist cast off on Saturday, pray that that would become a reality.
4. Monday's appointment with the surgeon.

The yellowish areas in the middle is where the scar tissue is stuck to the tendon.

Her hand is looking so good. Less swelling this week except for that index finger today. Hopefully next week those pins will be gone.

Her palm wounds are all healed. There is some significant scarring just below her fingers and on that middle finger. There is also still a fair amount of swelling but that is improving too.
Hand xray from last week. The staple like things in her hand and wrist are the internal staples holding the graft site. The long silver things are the pins. This picture was taken before one of the pins was removed last week. The first xray taken in Peru showed the index finger bones literally exploded in her hand, completely shattered. You can see her that they are healing nicely. We do need lots of prayer that the finger will be flexible. That is very doubtful at this point since the joints were also crushed.

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