Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pin Free!

It is the week for being free. Abigail has her cast off and Rebekah has her pins out! It wasn't a pleasant experience but at least it was quick. Now comes the really hard work, getting that index finger to bend. The index and middle fingers are still pretty messed up and not very flexible. The index finger doesn't bend at all with help from us. The doctor told her again that it may never bend and to not get discouraged about it. Therapy today brought new goals, the pins are out so now there are more things we can do. She will also begin swimming regularly to build up her left arm strength again. She also needs the physical activity to help her sleep better at night. She has been jumping on a small trampoline here at home and we have been walking now that it is warmer. Swimming will be a big help. Thanks to the Boyers for lending us a swimsuit! Dr. Greenberg does want to see her as soon as we arrive in Indiana in July. He told her he would need to do 3-4 surgeries to make her arm graft donor site look like her natural skin. I am not sure she really caught all of that which is just fine. I would rather she focus on the work at hand rather than fretting over the future surgeries. He was SUPER pleased with her progress to this point. Oh, about the scar tissue that is stuck to the tendon, he said that was expected and he will work on that when he does the skin repair. He wasn't concerned. We are relieved and will now focus our attention on the fingers and wrist. We never cease to be amazed by God's loving care for us. He is with our family in Peru, with us here, and with you. He has given Rebekah His grace each day and through each painful stretching exercise. He is working in our hearts, making us more like Him. We are thankful for the series at church on Suffering, the messages have really hit home as we are in a time of suffering. Rebekah has asked about the bus driver, if he is okay and is praying for his salvation. I am thankful that she hasn't become bitter or angry, but is concerned for his salvation. Please pray for him too, wouldn't you?