Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A New Goal

Rebekah is progressing quite well. Our new job now is to break scar tissue loose from the large tendon that runs down the middle of the graft donor site on her arm. The therapist (and me at home too) pushes and pulls on the area around the tendon while Rebekah flexes her wrist backwards. It obviously is a painful experience but necessary to break that scar tissue loose. If we don't get it loose it can harden and she will loose flexibility in her wrist. We can see where the tissue is stuck because the skin turns white, when we let go it pinks up again. That is Rebekah's new job, to work that scar tissue loose. We don't over do it since that can cause more irriation and more scarring. While Rebekah ocassionally says, ouch, ouch, she never cries or overly complains. She is quite strong. Today she did get to feeling light headed and queasy. I gave her a mint and it passed.


Jamie Hornbrook said...

Wow! Keep up the great work Rebekah!! How is the swelling in the palm doing? We are praying that it goes down. Where are you all going to live while on furlough? Is Rebekah drinking Dr. Pepper??!! Drink some Dew for me!! I so miss my Juice!! He, He!

Steve & Molly said...

Yay, Rebekah! Keep working hard! Way to be brave with the pain! Miss you guys.