Monday, April 21, 2008

Rough Day

It is 7:30 PM and Rebekah has been in bed asleep for an hour already. She has had a rough day and is kind of discouraged. Therapy this morning was quite painful, for the first time ever she cried during the therapy. As I mentioned before, she has been having headaches. She is very sensitive to light and seems to be getting migraines. Her pediatrician has prescribed a medication which did take the pain away but made her very sleepy and droopy. She tried to do a craft that the therapist prescribed to work on fine motor skills, but when that didn't work right the first time, she cried. She is discouraged and droopy today. We did take a walk but her legs seem to be bothering her as well this afternoon. It is quite understandable that she has a day every now and then when she gets discouraged, her life has been quite a roller coaster ride lately. Keep up your prayers for her and for me, it is difficult for me to see her like this.


Steve & Molly said...

Aaaw, Rebekah, I'm sorry you've had such a rough day! Aunt Molly is sending you a big bear hug...give one to your Mom for me, too! We missed you guys when we were in Trujillo this weekend. Can't wait to see you in just 2 weeks from today! Praying for you. Love you bunches!

seminarystudentpa said...

Hey Rebekah,
We are sad you had such a rough day. Physical therapy is no fun. I (Caleb) has many horror stories to tell about physical therapy. But, in spite of the pain, it's definitely worth it. I would be kind of tired of walking with crutches still. : ) Hang with it. It'll get better soon enough. Enjoy these last few weeks in the States before heading home. We look forward to seeing you all this summer.