Monday, April 28, 2008

Gift for Speaking

On Saturday and Sunday David spoke on the family at a church 7 hours north of Trujillo. Here is a gift they gave to him for speaking. It is not unusual for us to receive fruit, veges, etc. but this? The children were quite excited to see daddy's gift this morning. I wonder what the dog thinks?

This a common way to transport a bird. David traveled on the bus. I am sure the turkey was down with the luggage. Poor bird.

He will make a tasty meal for our table!


Troy & Sherry said...

Kandie - thanks for your kind words - it is AMAZING how people's filters on their mouth disappear when a women become your words were an encouragement to me today! we are praying for you guys as you head back to overseas but look forward to you coming home again soon! Baby jacob will be here for you to meet. so glad you get to see your family soon. :)

Blaine said...

Every time I look at the pictures, I can't help but think of Pastor Dutton's dexterity skit that he used to do at the Mission's conference..."Hack, Hack" =)

marcia said...

Nice bird!
Is that a banana tree in your back yard? Hope you are all together today! (Wed) My prayers and thoughts are with you! Look forward to seeing you ALL in July!