Thursday, April 10, 2008

Side by Side

My mom had the good idea of taking a picture of Rebekah's hands side by side, here goes:

There is another update with more pictures (from today) down below.


Jamie Hornbrook said...

Look at those beautiful nails!! My girls would be so jealous! They aren't allowed to have nails and play basketball. The coaches make them keep them really short. Your hand is looking better and better all the time!!

Troy & Sherry said...

it is great to see you in class :)
we have been praying for your family and will continue to do so.
I think it is amazing to see how well everything is healing.

Kristi said...

looking pretty good, there!!

Steve & Molly said...

Claudi's first comment at seeing this pic was, "Wow! It looks a LOT better!" We are so thankful to see how it is healing. Can't wait to see you guys. Praying for your doctor visit on Monday! Love ya.