Friday, April 4, 2008

Quick Trip to Indianapolis

Rebekah awoke this morning with the same achy feeling with occasional throbbing, headache, etc. After calling Dr. Greenberg's nurse, she told us to head on down to the clinic (which is an hour from home). I am thankful for my parents being willing to take us the clinic at an instants notice. We have the way memorized now. Rebekah slept all the way there and home. At the doctor's office they took a new xray, the bones have healed WELL. The pain culprit appears to be the pin closest to the hand which poked its way through the inside of her finger about a week ago. It is quite loose and was kind of slipping in and out of the skin, which makes her susceptible to infection. The doctor twisted the pin which was very loose and slipped it right out. The pin next to it also spins but was painful and not quite as loose so it stayed. They are hoping that will be the answer to the pain and swelling. Her finger and palm are quite swollen today. We will do some massaging to work the swelling down. If she has any more problems we will return to the clinic. We are due to go back on the 14th for the removal of the remaining 5 pins. 12 more days!

The picture of her arm shows what is called a scar pad. It is a silicone type dressing which promotes the filling in of the tissues and to decrease scarring. She also has one on her thigh (the other graft donor site). As you can see in this picture from yesterday, the hand is quite puffy, it hasn't been that bad.


Kristi said...

yowza! The incisions look really good, despite the swelling!

Carol Hightower said...

I agree with Kris, yowza....what a witness all this has been! There IS a God Who loves us more than we will ever know! He has our best interest always in mind, conforming us to the image of His dear Son.... We are so thankful for His leading in your lives, as well as ours. Here, THERE or in the air,
Carol (of course, praying for constant healing and no pain)

nona said...

Thanks so much, Kandi, for keeping us "posted"! What a blessing it is to see how God has worked all along and is still working. Don't you just love Him? We will be sure to share the "infection" concern with Evergreen Baptist tomorrow. The arm site looks much better in recent pictures. Yea! So glad to hear that Abigail is healing nicely as well and that the family is holding things together down in Peru without you (for a while):)