Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Update

Not much new to report. The family at home is doing well, anxious to have us back again. We are anxious to be back with them too. We talk to them daily on skype. For those of you who don't know what skype is, you should check it out at You can talk computer to computer for free. If you also have a webcam you can see each other too. It has been a great blessing to us these past few weeks.

Rebekah was allowed to go swimming this week also! That has been a special treat for her. She was very active in Peru, running and playing so this sitting around has been hard on her. It has often made it hard for her to sleep due to lack of physical activity. This week she started jumping on a small trampoline as well as swimming. The weather has gotten nicer so we have also been walking. She is sleeping better.

A new concern of mine is that she is having headaches. She says she always has a light headache, but is seems that every afternoon it gets worse. She is sensitive to light with the headache and occasionally has nausea. I am not sure what the cause but will probably be calling our pediatrician on Monday. It isn't relieved with Advil or Tylenol. Thinking it is allergies I have been giving her allergy medicine but that doesn't seem to do the trick either. She doesn't seem to exhibit any other allergy symptoms. Please pray that this will quickly be resolved.

Our plans are to return to Peru on April 29. That's right, in just 10 days we will be on our way home. We are all excited. We will arrive again in the USA on July 3 to begin our year of furlough.

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Jamie Hornbrook said...

Yippeee!! You all can stop by and see us anytime!!! Nicole is ready to go back to Kid's City already!! Maybe we'll see you when you are home on furlough!!