Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Splint

Yesterday Ann (our therapist) began a new therapy with Rebekah, she for 18 minutes gets her hand and arm massaged with low grade electricity which runs through the therapists body and out through her hands causing a vibration. It is very relaxing. As she turns the voltage down it becomes pulsating. The goal of the treatment is to push lymphatic fluid out of the hand to decrease swelling which we really need to do. Rebekah's palm is still very thick. Today she made a finger splint for Rebekah. The tip of her middle finger has been out of line since the accident. It appears to be tendon or soft tissue damage since xrays are fine. She made a splint that Rebekah wears for 2 hour periods to help straighten that tip. She has to have her big splint off to order to wear the finger splint. She also had to make adjustments on the big splint because it was too big. The dressings are smaller so the splint was too floppy. We are making progress!

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Jamie Hornbrook said...

Progress! That's what were talking about!!!! Yippee!